Burns Financial Management app provides free financial guidance

Burns is a free app for financial managers, providing free advice to help them get back on track.

The app provides financial advice from its founder, Andrew Burns, who is also the founder of the financial advice website Wealth Management.

Mr Burns, 30, who has a Masters degree in finance, said: “I thought this was a very smart idea, and the fact that the UK government has taken it forward shows how much money can be saved in the UK with financial advice.”

He said the app was intended to be a “platform” for people to access advice and guidance on their own time, and not a government-mandated service.

“It’s not government funded,” Mr Burns said.

“It’s really about people being able to use their time as they want.”

He added: “It will be free to download, but you can buy it on the App Store.”

There are no restrictions on the number of times you can download the app, and you can have as many as you like.

“Mr Burns added: “[It’s] an app that anyone can use and it will work in any situation.

“He has been working on the app since 2013, and said he has used it in his personal life.”

My wife and I have used it, and we are both happy with it,” he said.”

I just think it is a very useful app, because it is free and it gives you advice that’s very practical.

“He explained the app uses a simple graphical interface that lets users choose to either send a text message or a phone call.”

When you send a message, it shows the date and time of the call, which is very helpful because people often have a difficult time understanding how much time they need to spend on that phone call,” Mr Burn said.

Mr Burn said the service was created for people who are not financially strong, and that it will allow them to have more freedom to make their own financial decisions.”

What you can do is set a target to get back into the habit of saving, and if you get a few weeks out of that, you can get back in,” he explained.”

You can also set targets on your income, your debt, and your savings.

“This is something that most people can’t do.”

He continued: “They can’t save for retirement, and it can be a really hard time for them, because if they are in debt they are not able to do anything about it.”

He encouraged people to download the free app and use it regularly to make sure it was always there for them.

“Don’t put it off,” Mr Scott said.

Burns is a free app for financial managers, providing free advice to help them get back on track.The app provides…

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