‘Financial planning’ is no substitute for an investment strategy

Financial planning is no replacement for financial analysis, according to one of the most widely-read books on the topic.

Financial planning is a process for determining what kind of investments are the best for your needs.

For example, one might think that investing in a high-tech company is the best investment, but investing in the healthcare industry could be a good investment, too.

And the same can be said about investing in any business.

But how to decide what kind, when, and for how long to invest?

A recent book by the British author Michael Lewis called “Financial Planning: The Key to Financial Success” was released in December.

It’s a very comprehensive guide for people who are looking to become financially independent.

In his introduction, Lewis explained that the main reasons people don’t do financial planning include fear of losing their money, financial insecurity, and being too busy.

He also highlighted the need for financial literacy.

“People who fail to understand financial planning have a difficult time investing, and they also often struggle with how to make decisions,” Lewis writes.

“But that’s where financial planning comes in.”

Financial planning can help people better understand how to plan for future income and expenses, he said.

“If you have enough information to help you make the right decisions, you’ll be more likely to succeed in your life and career.”

Lewis explains how to do it, by following the steps in the book.1.

Read about what the financial planner will do.

The first step in financial planning is to read a book that will give you some ideas about what to expect.

Lewis explains that you should read a lot of books, as this helps you prepare for a variety of situations.

“The first time I read Financial Planning: A Guide to Financial Independence, I was shocked by how many of the assumptions were wrong,” he writes.

He explained that you shouldn’t expect a specific amount of money or time to be spent on every decision, because this would be unrealistic.

Instead, you should expect to make reasonable decisions on an average day.


Choose a goal.

The next step is to choose a goal for your financial planning.

Lewis said that the financial planning process is different for everyone, but it should be something you can see yourself achieving in the future.

“Financial planning shouldn’t just be a goal, but an achievable goal,” he said in his introduction.

“You shouldn’t feel like you’re in the dark, but you can be confident in your goals.”


Choose how to use your time.

After choosing a goal and choosing how to spend your time, Lewis suggests that you choose a method for managing your time and budget.

“In a nutshell, the financial plan is the way you allocate your time to make sure you’re meeting your financial needs,” he explained.

“This way you’ll make sure your finances are secure, and you won’t be stressed.”


Decide how much to invest.

Next, you need to decide how much money to put into your financial plan.

According to Lewis, you can invest money for an average of five years.

“As long as you’re keeping your money low and investing it slowly, you won

Financial planning is no replacement for financial analysis, according to one of the most widely-read books on the topic.Financial planning…

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