‘Discovery’ is about to take over your life

The latest financial management company to make headlines is Discovery Financial Management.

It is the world’s biggest provider of financial advice, which has seen its market share soar from 7% to almost 40% in the past year. 

“Discovery is poised to become the world leader in the financial services industry,” said Andrew Stiles, president and chief executive officer of Discovery Financial Group, in a statement.

“We are confident our new approach will deliver a truly innovative, global financial service, which will transform the way the world engages with the financial sector.”

The firm also announced that it will expand its offering, which includes investment banking, corporate finance and private equity.

“The world’s financial services market is rapidly evolving, with financial services becoming a top priority for many governments,” said Stiles.

“It is the right time for Discovery to step up its game to become a leader in financial services.” 

Discovery Financial Group is based in Cambridge, Massachusetts, and has offices in London and Singapore. 

The firm is one of the worlds biggest providers of financial advising, which is currently ranked third globally, according to the Financial Services Marketing Institute. 

In a statement, Discovery said it was also launching a new suite of financial products called Discover Banking and Discover Investment Management.

“Our focus is on delivering the most innovative, effective and profitable financial services, with the aim of providing a truly diversified portfolio of financial product offering to customers across the world,” said James Brown, chief executive of Discovery. 

Diversity and diversity of the financial industry is the cornerstone of Discovery’s mission. 

According to a recent report by PricewaterhouseCoopers, “In the financial planning and asset management business, the proportion of white-collar professionals who are female was just over 30% in 2016, down from 39% in 2000”. 

“Our commitment to diversity in the field of financial services is the core principle of our organisation and the result of decades of research and experience,” said Brown. 

For the financial adviser market, the firm has invested $300m in new investments, according, Discovery.

The latest financial management company to make headlines is Discovery Financial Management.It is the world’s biggest provider of financial advice,…

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