Bank of America Merrill Lynch says it will take ‘at least 10 years’ to recover from Black Friday hack

A former U.S. bank says it is taking at least 10 to 15 years to recover and is in talks with the FBI to bring some criminals to justice.

In a letter to customers, U.K.-based Bank of Amsterdam said it is “deeply saddened” to hear of the hack that exposed more than 100 million customers’ personal information to hackers.

The hackers also stole the personal information of the bank’s customers, including account numbers, phone numbers and home addresses.

BancaBank has been in discussions with the U.N. to provide assistance, but a U.F.O. spokesperson told Reuters that it is not involved in the negotiations.

The letter says the bank is working with the law enforcement and regulatory agencies to identify and bring to justice the hackers who took the personal data of customers, and that it will “provide assistance to the U.”


agencies as needed.

The bank’s letter to its customers says the hack “happened because of a flaw in our data security procedures that allow a single person to gain access to a customer’s bank account information.”

“Banca Bank takes this incident very seriously,” the letter said.

Bancorp is one of the banks to report the breach, which the hackers exploited a vulnerability in its website to gain control of accounts for more than 10 million customers.

It said it will pay out compensation to victims.

In addition to customers of the London-based bank, at least one other U.M. firm, UBS, has also been targeted, the letter says.

The Federal Bureau of Investigation has said it believes the hack was perpetrated by an individual or a group that had been active in cyber crime.

A former U.S. bank says it is taking at least 10 to 15 years to recover and is in talks…

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