Medical professionals to face tough decisions over ‘disease-free’ India

Medical professionals will have to make difficult decisions about the ‘doomed’ India healthcare financial system if the government fails to deliver a “diseases-free” India, according to a senior medical executive.

Medical practitioners have been under a “burden of responsibility” for ensuring that the government implements its healthcare finance reforms, the CEO of an influential healthcare financial firm told NDTV.

“If the government does not make any significant change in the way the country is organised, it will be the death of the system,” said Dr. Aravind Choudhury, founder and chairman of Gajak Hospital Group, which advises the government on health care issues.

“This is a system which is very dependent on the financial institutions.

If we are not in a position to manage the system effectively, it is bound to end.”

Dr. Choudhy said he expected the government to do “whatever is necessary” to ensure the financial system could be in “doom mode” as soon as possible.

He cited a case of a physician who was not able to deliver care for a patient who had a malignant tumor.

Dr Choudhat said the government needs to start “planning for the future”.

“The question is, how do you make a change in a system that is based on money and that has been predicated on the money?” he asked.

“We are seeing that this system is in a state of decay.

It is very difficult to change it.”

India’s financial sector is facing a “worrying trend” of “collapse” after the government announced its healthcare reform plans in December last year.

The plan, dubbed the “Narendra Modi-led Medical Transformation Programme”, calls for the creation of a single central bank and a single government body to regulate financial markets and the supply of goods and services.

The plan also includes “drastically” reducing red tape and reducing “the risk of failure”.

The country’s central bank, the Reserve Bank of India, has already taken steps to reduce the regulatory burden for financial firms and other institutions.

The Reserve Bank’s “black money” index is at its lowest level in almost five years.

It has also slashed its benchmark interest rate to 0.25 percent.

But Dr. Chaudhury said India’s financial system was “in a state in decay” and its health system was under pressure.

India has been under the grip of a “crisis” for more than a decade and it is becoming more of a crisis because of “the massive amounts of red tape” he said.

On Monday, the government proposed an amendment to the Indian National Pharmaceutical Act that would allow private companies to buy drugs for Rs. 5,000-6,000 per pill, instead of Rs. 2,500-3,000.

But the bill was rejected by the opposition Congress party, which also demanded a “complete overhaul of the pharmaceutical system.”


Choudhuyas said India is now a “post-financial crisis country” and “there are not enough people who understand the magnitude of the problem”.

“We need to bring in a national healthcare finance policy that would bring in money for the healthcare sector, not just for the medical sector,” he said, adding that “we need to think about how we can do it”.

Dr. Ravi Manohar, a health economist at Columbia University, said the current financial system “has been so malnourished” that “there is no room for financial growth”.

“I am worried that if the healthcare system doesn’t recover, it could be the end of the country,” he told NDtv.

A total of 1.2 billion people are eligible for a free-of-charge government-run health plan, according the World Bank.

The government is currently working on setting up a new scheme to provide free care to those with chronic conditions.

Under the National Health Guarantee Act, the cost of providing health services to the poor is pegged at Rs. 6,500 per person per month.

But the government is trying to lower this to Rs. 1,500 for those with low incomes, Rs. 3,000 for those in poverty, and Rs. 0 for those who do not have any income.

The government has been seeking to lower the cost to Rs 1,000 to 1,250 per month, a target the government says is “sustainable”.

But the National Consumer Disputes Redressal Commission has warned that “a new national health insurance plan may be needed in the near future”.

India is set to get its first government-backed universal health insurance in 2019, but Dr. Manohhar said that was a “big leap” for the country.

Even though the government has said that a universal health plan will be in place by 2020, Dr. Gautam Das, who heads the Indian Council of Medical Research (ICMR

Medical professionals will have to make difficult decisions about the ‘doomed’ India healthcare financial system if the government fails to…

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