Why the Government needs to review its financial management course

The Government should review its Financial Management course, according to the business leaders of a major lobby group.

Key points:Financial management is the industry’s favourite topic, but the issue is often overlooked by politicians and the publicSource: The Business Leaders of AustraliaGroup chair Richard Porter said the Government should focus on improving the quality of its management coursesMr Porter said that while the Government could have an impact on the quality and quality of financial management courses, it needed to start with the industry.

“There’s a lot of stuff that the Government doesn’t need to do, the people who need to be paid more, there’s a whole range of things that are going to come out of the Government’s financial management policies that need to happen,” Mr Porter said.

“If the Government didn’t have those policies, we wouldn’t be sitting here with our business leaders today talking about what we can do to improve our financial management in the future.”

Mr Porter pointed out that the business community was increasingly calling for a review of the way financial management is taught.

“The whole industry is calling for more focus on the content,” he said.

The Government has said it is looking at how it could improve the course.

But the Business Leaders have a different view.

They said they wanted the Government to focus on ensuring students were prepared to take the courses, not just those who took them.

“They should be looking at the impact that this course has on people’s financial well-being,” Mr Paul said.”[We’re] not arguing for a curriculum change but for better training for people, not fewer.”

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The Government should review its Financial Management course, according to the business leaders of a major lobby group.Key points:Financial management…

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