What the Hill has learned about the fight over Trump administration sanctions

The president is expected to sign a new sanctions bill on Wednesday that could be used to block some of the more aggressive steps taken by Russia against the United States.

Trump and his top aides have already accused Russia of trying to undermine the U.S. presidential election with cyberattacks and misinformation campaigns in 2016, a charge Moscow has denied.

The U.N. Security Council imposed sanctions against Russia in December for its alleged election interference and interference in the 2016 presidential election, though the measure had no impact on Trump’s presidency.

The administration has been working to move ahead with sanctions, and Trump’s allies have pushed for more time to develop the bill.

But Senate Democrats have argued that Trump’s decision to seek congressional approval for sanctions has created an incentive for Russia to try to interfere in the U,S.

elections, which would be a violation of international law.

Lawmakers and administration officials have been working on the sanctions bill for months.

And the legislation has already been passed by the Senate.

The new bill will add two more categories of sanctions that would target Russian entities and individuals, including individuals associated with the Russian government.

Those sanctions would target companies, entities and financial institutions that conduct or facilitate activities in support of the Russian Federation’s activities in Ukraine, Syria, Georgia and Moldova.

It also includes sanctions on Russia’s military and other government entities.

The Trump administration has argued that these sanctions are necessary to protect U.s. national security and deter Russian aggression.

The administration is also arguing that they’re necessary to punish the Russian regime for its actions in Ukraine.

The new legislation would also target the Russian Defense Ministry and other Russian military and military-related entities.

Under the bill, the U-2 surveillance plane would be banned from flight over U.k. airspace.

It would also be banned in some of its Russian-controlled airspace.

And sanctions on companies, individuals and entities that support the Russian military would be lifted.

The bill also requires the U.,S.

intelligence community to provide Congress with a comprehensive assessment of Russian military activities in Eastern Europe and the former Soviet Union, including the annexation of Crimea and support for separatists in eastern Ukraine.

The Senate also passed a bill that would bar the United Nations from using funds to interfere with the election in the United Kingdom.

The bill also bars any member state from interfering with U.K. election results.

A new sanctions legislation, dubbed the Russian Accountability Act, was also approved by the House and sent to the Senate for a vote.

That bill, which is similar to the legislation approved by Congress in December, would also bar U.M. from interfering in the election.

The president is expected to sign a new sanctions bill on Wednesday that could be used to block some of…

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