A ‘dynamic and flexible’ finance industry

A new wave of finance professionals is finding themselves increasingly at odds with the traditional financial industry as they face a crisis in their careers and increasingly confront the consequences of having a child with Down syndrome.

The Jerusalem Post has compiled a list of the 20 leading professional associations representing finance professionals in Israel, and its report reveals a dramatic shift in the profession in the past decade.

It highlights the fact that these organizations, whose members include bankers, accountants, accountancy professionals, financial planners and others, have become more diverse in recent years, with a greater percentage of men and women than ever before.

But the number of women representing these organizations has declined, and a number of them have been hit by accusations of having an inappropriate relationship with a client, an association spokeswoman said.

Among the professions to see a decline in women, the financial management and finance industries saw the largest number of declines, with only 19% of the members representing these disciplines having women as members.

Among them, the association said, were the accounting, accounting and business administration disciplines, as well as accounting, legal and legal consulting, finance, finance consulting, financial management professionals, finance and investment management.

Among its other findings: The accounting profession has the lowest percentage of women members, while the legal profession has more than double the percentage of female members than the financial industry.

The number of members of these disciplines who are women has declined by more than 50%, the association noted, to 6% of all financial professionals.

Among their members are bankers, financial analysts, accountant, account executive, and financial planning professionals.

In addition, there are a number who represent finance as an intermediate field, the statement said.

It noted that, in the last two years, the number and percentage of members representing finance as a third professional discipline have decreased.

Among these professions, accounting, financial planning and finance, which has the highest number of people of color, have experienced the most significant decline, the report said.

The association called on the financial sector to recognize the diversity of its members, as they were the ones who were the first to see an influx of new members and those who were first to experience a downturn in their career.

A new wave of finance professionals is finding themselves increasingly at odds with the traditional financial industry as they face…

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