How to avoid debtors’ prisons

Debtors’ prison is a popular trope in science fiction, where it serves as a metaphor for our current financial situation. 

“I was thinking about that one,” says Dr. Daniel Schwartz, author of The Debtors Prison Experiment: How to Escape Debtors, and the Psychology of Debt.

“It’s a very complex topic that people are thinking about.

It’s not something that’s very clear cut.

And there are a lot of nuances.” 

Schwartz and his colleague, Dr. David Ehrlich, are the authors of a forthcoming book, The Debtors Prisons Experiment: The Science of Debtors Punishment, which details the research they conducted with an international team of researchers from Australia, the United States, and Germany. 

The authors found that those in debt were less likely to report negative financial behavior than those in a non-debt environment. 

Schmidt and Ehrleiter also found that people who experienced debtors prison were significantly more likely to commit suicide, but the researchers say that’s not entirely true. 

As a result, Schwartz and Ehlich decided to ask the same questions to more than 4,500 people who reported negative financial behaviors. 

Here’s what they found. 


When you are in debt, you are more likely than others to report financial problems Schneider and Echlberich conducted the research using an online survey. 

Participants answered questions like how much they had spent in the past year, how much income they earned, their credit scores, and whether they had had credit card debt in the last year. 

They also rated the perceived quality of their financial situation and their level of financial stress. 

 Schweiz and Ehlench used a survey that was designed to assess how debtors would behave in a prison setting. 

For example, one of the questions asks if the participant was currently in prison. 

Other questions asked about the type of debt that the person has and the amount of money that they have. 

What’s the difference between debtors prisons and non-policing prisons? 

Schreiber said that the survey has a very specific definition, but that it’s also a tool to assess people’s psychological well-being. 

When the researchers compared the responses of people who had experienced debt or a non­policying prison to those who had not, the differences were clear. 

A debtors prisoner is more likely to have a high level of debt, but more likely also to have a lower income and a lower level of stress. 

 Schweidl and Eichlich found that the more debtors people reported experiencing in the first three months of the study, the more likely they were to report poor financial outcomes and suicidal ideation. 


Those in debt are more inclined to be loyal Scholars say that people who have a debtor’s prison experience are more likely to report negative feelings and to be less likely than those who didn’t to commit suicidal ideations. 

This is because those in debt experience negative feelings because of a combination of two factors: 1) debtors prisoners are less likely  to see the world the way they see it, 2) they’re more likely in debt to see that they’ve failed. 

If you have a debt, it doesn’t matter how intelligent you are. 


People in debt have less control over their financial life The research also suggests that those who have been in debt for a while are less motivated to manage their finances. 

People in debt may be more likely not to work, and they may not have the means to pay for their own expenses. 


People who have had a debtors incarceration experience tend to be more aggressive When asked about how they would handle their finances if they were in debt again, people who had a debtors incarceration experience were significantly less likely not only to say that they would use the money to pay back their debts, but also that they’d go after others in debt. 

Those in debt also had a significantly higher risk of being arrested by the police If the people in debt were arrested for a crime, they were significantly more likely to be arrested by the police Schmittel and Eherlich found that the likelihood of being incarcerated in a debt collectors prison increased with how the people in debt felt about their financial future. 

But the people in a disadvantaged position had less of an incentive to stay in debt because of the high risk of arrest. 


Being in debt makes people more likely that they will commit suicide Schultz and Eihlench also found that debtors are at greater risk of suicide than those in a non‐debt prison.

The research shows that the risk of a person committing suicide is higher for people with

Debtors’ prison is a popular trope in science fiction, where it serves as a metaphor for our current financial situation. “I…

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