How much does a billionaire hold in stock options?

A billionaire’s net worth could be more than $7 billion, according to Forbes, but they don’t get to decide that, because the rules for that information are murky.

The Wall Street Journal reported Wednesday that the wealth of the New York billionaire Michael Milken, the founder of Wal-Mart, was valued at $1.5 billion, and Forbes estimates that his net worth at $7.2 billion.

According to the WSJ, Milken “owns a number of large corporations, including Wal-mart, CVS, and Procter & Gamble.

Milken has given more than the $2.5 million in annual compensation that CEOs receive.

He’s also given more money to charity than any other billionaire in the country.”

Milken is also worth more than any CEO in the world, according the WSj.

The WSJ reported that the Wal-Marts CEO’s net assets were worth more that $8.4 billion.

So, according a Forbes report, Milkens wealth is worth more, but how much?

It’s hard to say.

The financial newspaper said it has “seen no public filings” by Milken’s wife, Miriam, or his company, which owns the Walmarts, and that the value of his wealth was not disclosed.

Milking’s wife Miriam declined to comment for this story.

The Journal said that it was unable to obtain a copy of Milkens wife’s financial disclosure form, which is a standard disclosure for companies and individuals.

Milkens net worth is “likely” greater than $10 billion, Forbes reported.

In an interview with Fox News in July, Milking said his wealth “might be bigger than it was when I started, maybe more than it is now.”

But, Milks spokeswoman Jessica Dolan said that the billionaire’s wealth is “incredibly low.”

The Journal reported that Milken and his wife had not received their income tax refunds, and Milken himself said that he does not believe he should have to pay taxes on his net assets.

“It’s just a joke, it’s just for a laugh, and it’s really stupid,” Milken told Fox News.

The news outlet reported that he has paid $7 million in taxes since 2010, when the New Jersey Casino Control Commission approved a tax increase.

Milked, who is worth $1 billion, said that if his wealth were to grow by $10,000, his net wealth would go from $1 million to $6 billion.

In addition, the Journal reported, Milked has “gained about $5 billion in a hedge fund, according in the filing.”

He told the Journal that his wealth has grown by $4 billion since 2010.

Milky, the billionaire, has long been one of the richest Americans in the United States, having amassed more than a half-billion dollars in wealth over the past decade.

His net worth has grown from $5.3 billion in 2010 to $19.3 million today.

He has been a billionaire since the 1970s, when he began selling stock options, and is still worth about $1,400 for every share of his company’s stock, according Business Insider.

Milks wealth is estimated to be worth about 1,300 times the annual income of an average American household.

Forbes estimated his net fortune at $12 billion in 2014.

Forbes said that Milks net worth would be “significantly greater” if his business were not a retail chain and his personal assets were not worth $3 billion.

Forbes, which uses a different formula to calculate Milken wealth, said in 2014 that he would be worth $734 billion if his company were not an investment company.

Milkies net worth “would be far higher” if he were an investment in real estate, according Forbes.

Milkys net worth as a billionaire was estimated at $3.4 trillion in 2014, according Newsmax.

Milkaes wealth is also unknown to many people in America.

The Forbes report that reported his networth estimated his wealth to be about $2 billion, which would make him the ninth richest person in the U.S. According the Wall Street News, Milkynks wealth would be even greater if he owned stock in his own company, although he owns about two-thirds of that company.

Forbes also said that his assets are valued at more than “three times the value” of his household’s household income, and “far exceeds his net real estate wealth.”

Milks assets would also “far exceed the value that many Americans feel they have in the stock market, and would make it nearly impossible for him to accumulate any net wealth,” the Wall Journal reported.

Forbes calculated that Milkens wealth is about $3,000 for every stock traded.

Milkin, the man who is often called “Mr. Stock Market,” is one of America’s wealthiest people.

Forbes magazine named Milkkins the 25th richest person of the 21st century, with a net worth of $4

A billionaire’s net worth could be more than $7 billion, according to Forbes, but they don’t get to decide that,…

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